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The teaser trailer for Pixar’s Inside Out is going to release this Thursday!

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I think the Inside Out trailer has been confirmed for tomorrow this is real guys this is real

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An is Inside Out trailer was rated today which means the trailer can release any day now!

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Anonymous asked: UP or Wall-E?

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adult: “do u know what college you want to go to yet?”

me: [sweats nervously] MONSTERS UNIVERSITY

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sendermage replied to your post: Read More →

Totally normal, I was the same way all three times grandparents of mine have died. I only cried at one of the three funerals, and that’s mostly because seeing other people cry makes me cry.

Thanks so much for the reply. <3 Dreading the funeral ugh. I know this side of my family pretty well, but I’ve never seen them sad.

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That same exactly thing happened with me when my grandad passed. You’re not a bad person or anything, it’s some people react that way. Of course going to the actual wake and funeral is sad, but it’s who you are and how you process this.

Thank you so much for this reply, it means a lot <3