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When one door is shredded, another one opens.

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"It looks awful!" "Well, it matches the rest of the town."

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Pixar’s CG animated film Newt was supposed to be released in theaters last year, but unfortunately the movie was cancelled. The story centered on the world’s last two blue-footed newts who, after scientists pair them together for mating, quickly find that they don’t exactly get along. Apparently the film’s story was too close to another film being made at the time… Rio, which turned out to be bird turd. 

It sucks that we’ll never see the film hit the light of day, but at least we have some more great concept art from it to share with you. These come from artist Katy Wu.  (x)

Actually, it was *thought* to have been cancelled because of its similarities to Rio, but Ed Catmull revealed in his recent book Creativity Inc that the film was having serious story issues, and when they asked Pete Docter if he would like to take over, he was like “I could, but…I think I have a better idea, can we just work on that instead?”

And thus, Inside Out was born.

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Day & Night (2010)

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i actually really love Atta’s character arc a lot. she starts off pretty untrusting and stressing about how she’s going to rule an entire kingdom. but then she slowly realises that it’s okay to put trust into other people.

like. the whole ant colony discovers how strong they are together, but at the same time Atta realises that she’s not alone either. the prospect of ruling no longer seems like a huge task that she has to do on her own. the whole colony is behind her. and it’s only at the end that she really takes comfort in this fact. idk.

also in her moments of CRAZY STRESS she isn’t afraid to just shout right in Flik’s face, and i like that very much.

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You have something that makes you look like lorde :) you’re very cute :) (sorry if you think lorde’s ugly :/)

Oh no I think she’s beautiful! I’m very flattered. I’ve actually gotten this comparison before - maybe it’s the hair??

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hi guys i’m happy and sleep deprived 

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I have a secret. It’s sort of disturbing.